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A.P.E. Alternative offers a range of contract services to help Individuals, Churches & Ministries and Denominations of all kinds break away from what's holding them back and move towards success. A.P.E. is all about providing better insight into your needs to find powerful solutions, whether they be related to the Apostolic, Prophetic or Evangelistic aspects of your personal life or ministry initiative.


  • Develop a personal vision and mission.
  • Discover the purpose you have been seeking for a long time as to what God wants you to do with your life calling.
  • Learn how to transition from a secular career into full-time ministry, and develop a financial strategy for STB (Support Team Building).
  • Establish a list of potential “cages” that might be holding you back from abundance.
  • Overcome personal limitations by exposing, understanding, and praying through generational sins and ungodly patterns in your family tree.
  • Learn how to heal from brokenness and enter into freedom.
  • Discover your own identity and significance, enabling you to live with purpose and love with passion.

Churches & Ministries

  • Bring your church to the street to reach out in effective and biblical ways.
  • Learn how to build a positive profile for your church in your local community without compromise.
  • Identify and properly question old strategies and step “outside the box” to create new ones that really work.
  • Understand how to stay locked into your mission.
  • Learn the key 7Cs of hiring staff for success: character; competency; commitment; chemistry; culture; condition; compensation.
  • Devise a Board matrix that will empower your organizational vision and mission.
  • Partner your church with international missions for a mutual impact that lasts.
  • Establish an effective and holistic self-sustaining discipleship program for congregants and/or staff.


  • Discover how to create and properly leverage healthy Board governance and navigate Executive Director / President denominational relationships.
  • Create a Board matrix that reflects actual competencies based on the track record of the Board members in their own setting.
  • Establish strategies and organizational structures that match your vision and mission.
  • Create and encourage an environment that is not afraid to question traditions that are not biblical.
  • Discover the secret to providing “3rd line support” in proximity to the church planting movement you desire to empower.
  • Lead by example by showcasing a discipleship program that truly works and brings transformation even at the leadership level of the denomination.

The Consulting Process

Step 1

Send Assessment Request

Send a message detailing your information and your needs.

Step 2

Assessment Session

Once your details are received, a complimentary face-to-face or Zoom meeting will be planned to discuss your needs in further detail, and establish the kind of consultation needed.

Step 3


Depending on your specific needs, the consultation period can range in format from a phone conversation to an extended on-site contract. The consultation ends when the agreed services are rendered, are no longer suitable, or a time period has expired.

Step 4


There is no fee for consultation services, however, a suggested donation will be presented in light of your ministry needs and the time frame needed to accomplish them.

Any donations given by clients are greatly appreciated and go directly towards supporting and solving the needs of others!